The incinerator “Gerbido” is a plant for treatment and recycling of ordinary and special waste (MSW and RSA). For it’s design, futuristic technologies have been applied: a combustion process with mobile grate is air-cooled into the steam generator (furnace) and it’s designed with three independent lines, complete with flue gas treatment system, having in common only the electricity production through a water cooled steam turbine generator. The process plant is equipped with a computerized control system that let a few number of specialized technicians control all process parameters like furnace temperature, waste temperature, CO2 emissions, air flow, etc. in order to obtain the highest performance in electricity production and at the same time the highest level of safety for Turin’s community. This plant is the most important in Europe and it’s one of the most important worldwide, this because 4 targets are achieved at the same time: Electricity production and sale; waste treatment; environmental sustainability and tele-heating for the city of Turin. Our company played a key role in coordinating the Process Design Department and the Municipality during the design phase and during construction it became the lead consultant for the Design of the new steel structures of the Furnace building and for the new building holding the teleheating plant (Architectural and Civil Works)


Location  TURIN – Italy
Year  2011-2013
Client  CNIM, CoopSette, Comega Srl
Scope of work  MEP and Civil Works Consultant