This project concerned the extension and improvement of the Wastewater Treatment Plant still existing in Orbassano (Turin).

In particular our scope of work included Structural and Geotechnical design of underground tanks with an overall plan dimension of 1700sqm, a depth of 10m below ground level for a maximum storage capacity of 17000cu.m

The deep excavation was made after the construction of a system of soldier pile retaining walls, stabilized with three rows of tiebacks.

Tank’s foundation and elevation was made with ordinary cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure, while roof’s screed was casted after the installation of precast composite beams and predalles pre-cast floor system. In order to control RC cracks due to large dimensions of this tank it has been designed a system of crack-control joints with integrated water-stops.

A smart use of construction phases made possible the setting of these new facilities while the existing plant was still in use.


Location  Orbassano (TO) – Italy
Year  2012-2013
Client  Ambienthesis
Scope of work  Civil Work preliminary design
 Architectural design
 Civil Work Supervision