This is another aspect of the ‘Green’ projects developped by our company: teleheating.

A Bright use of hot steam generated during electricity production process is to exploit it to heat residential dwellings and industrial buildings, but Energy production and heating is not our only scope of work: architecture is the only way that can make possible the mix between nature and human installations. This Plant is divided in four blocks holding different functions. At a central point between these four blocks will be constructed the Chimney and cisterns for water storage

The plant is built in a typical North countryside area with paddy fields and farmhouses all around. The concept is to insert this new technology in a respectful manner with the tradition. For this reason the core structure of the plant is ordinary, but a well designed system of masonry shielding panels integrates the traditional construction technology of farms in this industrial building.

For National Regulations this teleheating plant is a strategic facility, for this reason great care and additional safety factors were taken into account during Structural Design. Buildings are mostly precast shed (columns and beams) with cast-in-place foundations (pad and spread) and slabs. Great care has been given to external lightning and landscape design in order to make this plant visible and at the same time integrated in the countryside landscape .


Location  Novara – Italy
Year  2008-2011
Client  ASM Novara
Scope of work  Civil Works design